Creating A Whimsical Space in a Dark Area

designing for a dark room with light effects

Designing for dark areas. Playing with light to create a special mood.

Many apartments, condominiums and townhouses often have an area in the center of the building that has little or no natural light and is consequently dark (often this is because there are adjoining walls with the adjacent unit which prohibits installing a window). As so often in design, we try to take what initially may seem to be a detriment and turn it into an asset.

In this particular case, we hung a tin chandelier that had been pierced with a design and it instantaneously transformed the space. The light coming thru the fixture created these fascinating, appealingly “fuzzy” patterns all over the ceiling and walls which created interest, but a softness as well.

It is effective at all times of the day, but most dramatic at night when it becomes almost magical.

This application could also be effective in a foyer, a child’s room or any smaller space. I don’t think it would work as well in a larger space. It needs flat surfaces in which to bounce off the pattern and light.

FUN!! Don’t you think?