Personalizing an Interior Design Project

For what it’s worth, one of the issues that I am constantly facing is the notion that potential clients are fearful that a designer is going to come into their home and impose his or her personal taste upon them. That is an understandable fear because it is –after all – their home, not the designer’s.

I am here to tell you that a good interior designer considers it his/her responsibility to take the time to interpret what is right for you and your individual needs.

Years ago when I was first in the business and working at a design store, one of the onstaff “designers” did two identical master bedrooms in the same neighborhood (same furniture, fabrics, carpeting and window treatments) only in different colorways. That in my opinion was blatently in total disregard for the individual needs of his clients.

The end result of every  project should be unique unto itself. The designer should be a catalyst to assist the clients in producing an end result that perfectly suits them and their individual needs.

As a designer when I first meet people, I ask them what changes they are considering. Then I take the time to get a feel for their personalities and ask them what activites they intend to use the space for: Are they readers? Do they intend to watch television? Are they in need of a desk in the room for a computer? How many people do they expect to be using the room on a regular basis? Do they do a lot of entertaining? Will the room be casual or more formal? On and on…

Then I would ask to see what currently exists in the house that they like OR dislike. This can be furniture, art, accessories, fabrics –anything and everything. This helps me to get a feel for their individual tastes and enables me to get an idea of what would be appropriate for them.

It is also important to consider the room itself and the availability of natural light and its exposure. This is crucial in making color selections. The size of the room is also important in determining the scale of the individual selections.

 All of the above helps me to personalize the project, which is my ultimate goal.



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» Jennifer Goronsky said: { Nov 17, 2010 - 01:11:00 }

I find your blog very intersting and insightful. I have always been fearful of calling on a designer for assistance for the exact reason you stated early- my style won’t be acknowledged and I will fall prey to an “experts opinion” and end up disliking what I invested in…my home. Knowing that there is integrity within the profession makes me feel better and more likely to invest in gudance in the future.