Rethink Putting Lamps on Your Bedside Night Tables

Recently working on a master bedroom project I decided to “think out of the box” a bit.

Instead of putting a lamp on each bedside table, I decided to wall mount two swing arm lamps with silk shades. It really worked out very well for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it freed up the entire surface of the table for the various a sundry things that we all want to keep there: a clock, a phone, pictures of our loved ones, books, magazines, medications, reading glasses, water to drink at night and whatever else seems appropriate to our needs.

Secondly, the ability to be able to swing the arm of the lamp enables us to get the light in precisely the exact spot where it gives us the best light. (Have you ever been in bed trying to read and end up tilting the lamp shade to get enough light?)

Also, for this particular project we were doing a fair amount of electrical upgrades in the house, so I asked the electrician to put a box in the wall at the precise height that I wanted to mount the lights. This way there would be no cords to contend with, and it was a fairly simple job because usually there’s an electrical outlet in the wall below the nightstands which he could tap in to. If you don’t want to get involved with an electrician, you can always surface mount a swing arm lamp and use a cord cover to disguise the wire leading to the plug behind the nightstand. My experience has told me that it will be worth your while to buy a good quality lamp so it doesn’t start to “sag” after using it. (The heaviest part of the lamp is obviously at the end of the swing arm.) A good quality light will often have a three way switch, which is also convenient, so you can adjust the brightness to your liking.

Once again, sometimes the simplest of things can make such a dramatic difference.

Not only is this idea aesthetic, but extremely practical as well.