A “facelift” For Your Living Room / Great Room

In this current economy there are many things we would perhaps like to do, but find impossible due to finances. One of those might be a complete redesign of our living room/ great room. It is possible to achieve a “new look” for a very reasonable amount of money.

Here are a few ideas to help you achieve this:

First and foremost, assess your current furniture. Look at it objectively and think about the possibility of rearranging it. Sometimes that can make a dramatic change in the room, but only if it works from a practical standpoint. Rearranging solely to make a change makes no sense, but often it can make a vast improvement and give you an entirely different feeling in the space.

Secondly, one of the most effective and inexpensive ways of giving you the “new look” that you’re after, is to paint. Yes, that’s right, something as simple (easy for me to say because I’m not doing it!) as painting. If you glance thru my website, you’ll see that although rooms may be painted a light color, they are almost never white or off white. All designers are different in their approach to color. Some like stark white. I personally prefer a softer color with more warmth and character. I also think it’s an opportunity for you to make your own individual statement.

Additionally, think about changing small items that can also make a huge impact. Some of these might be: something as simple as recovering current throw pillows with a new fabric, getting a few new accessories and adding some artwork. Next to paint, that always makes the biggest impact. Don’t panic and think dollar signs. Posters and prints can be extremely effective! I would look online and also be sure to check out museum websites. They have a terrific selection. You also don’t have to spend a fortune framing them. You can get them “museum mounted”, which means the posters are basically backed, wrapped and ready to hang. Or, you can opt to get a ready made frame at a local store. The change that it will make in your room is still very dramatic. Think “large” when you select your art. It will be far more effective and make much more of a difference in the room.

Also, depending upon where you live, and the resources available to you, perhaps you may consider hiring a professional for an hourly consultation in your home. Many offer that service with no additional commitments necessary. It might be a wise investment to get their input about the arrangement of your furniture, paint color possibilities, and any other suggestions. It could give you a direction, some creative ideas and be money very well spent. It doesn’t hurt to inquire and see what it may cost. It could help you to achieve what you’re after, which is a new look without spending a lot of money.