Working With a Very Off-centered Window

Use other elements in room to create balance with off-centered window

At first glance one might think that they could never arrange the furniture as it is with the window so off-centered in the space. What is important to the end result is the concept of considering the window, the art and even the lamp as part of the design of the entire wall. It works as a whole and creates a balanced design which is what one experiences upon entering the space.

 Often “difficult” rooms enable us to create very unusual and interesting spaces.

I guess it’s another example of the old “lemon into lemonade” theory. 



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» Karen Peterson said: { Nov 17, 2010 - 01:11:29 }

Wow, the way you placed the art work is fantastic. I am wondering what the ceiling height is? From the photo it looks like an open airy spacious space. Both homey and comfortable, yet sophisticated.